The first impressions are determined by our feelings, our thoughts and decisions.

Use the appropriate channels, taking into account the trender, credibility,

transparency, ease of use, all important aspects of the design.

On the basis of these guidelines can help you achieve

maximum goals of Visual communication tools.





Customer segmentation


Target group research

Survey of competitors

User Testing

Consultations with the client



Brand positioning

Brand goals

Brand promise

Brand values

Brand meaning

Brand architektura

Campaign strategy


Brand Identity

Brand Directives

Digital Design


UX Design

Visual identity systems







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Clients said


CUSTOMERS SAID the Helia-D Regenero hair development and introduction of the family was a real challenge for our company. The new product line planning, design of the image we asked up, Robert was, who, as the market has also shown great perfectionist work. To this day fills us with a inside and out, really eye-catching, unique, innovative and competitive in the market, we can offer a range of absolute target audience.

Csilla Sabján
-Marketing executive-
Helia-D LTD.


CUSTOMERS SAID the premium Float appearance and experience outstanding SPA products, which operates in the international arena, Visual communication is similar to be, to mediate. This Robert was asked to plan up to a maximum of, who I an aceptable. A couple of weeks, the logo, kisarculati items, brand book is finished. The website also became a concept, what you were thinking. The image well thought out solutions. 3D also might provide a very positive feedback.

Andras Huszar
Float SPA LTD.


CLIENTS were TOLD Very nicely thank you for your high quality artistic work. Very good to work with you because you were open and creative, so the book (to success), both in the compilation of the website ( design. Artistic work is very much appreciated. Other demanding clients we propose toward you.